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Testimonials from the Participants of the 2010 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School

Testimonials from the Participants of the 2010 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School

I’m very delightful to give my testimonial on Human Asian rights folk school, 2010.
Firstly, the organizer committee was successfully managed the very prestige program and achieved its goal where all participants were active and satisfy. The program involved 20 participants from 14 different countries for three weeks which is available period for experiencing and learning new knowledge and experiences on the development of Democracy, human rights, and establishing perspective network.

In terms of inputs and outputs, the participants were given the chances to share their knowledge, skills and experiences through individual and group presentations. On the other hand, the participants attended several lectures from different high dedication professors of Universities like Chonnam National University, Korea University, Yongsei University, SungKong Hoe University, From them we got various academic views, opinion and shared experiences on how to work together standing side by side to defend and promote human rights in our society, country, regional and over the world in order to prevent human rights violation in the future where the rights of people are respect to enjoy the life with dignity as human being.
We also visited various NGOs those who work on human rights, democracy, environmental and investigation case on human rights violation in the past and then we heard curiously what really happened in the last decades of Korean History where the cost many people‘re sacrificed in the name of Democracy and human rights.

We had also chance to learn Democracy revolution songs, it seems like we went back to 1980s and fighting for freedom, and democracy movement, the meaning of those songs highly boosted to our morale.

In terms of international network, we visited many organizations like the May 18 Memorial Foundation, PSPD, NANCHEN, Gwangju NGO Center, Truth and Reconciliation Commission and some universities. During our visiting to those organizations, we learned what they‘re doing and their experiences too.

After three weeks program end, almost every participant went back their home with tears because we are going to apart to do our jobs in our respective countries. At that time, I saw many participants were crying even tough me. The program was not giving only professional knowledge and links between participants but also mental relationship for future cooperation.

“I am speaking from my heart; I love Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School and program is excellent for human rights worker.

Kyaw Thu Lwin -United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Myanmar

For me, Gwangju Human Rights Folk School gave me its own experience. Before, I never feel different atmosphere works environment. As a reporter, I cannot imagine about human rights defender what is looked like. But the GHRFS experienced me the best knowledge about the faith of Human rights. It opened my mind and the history of GHRFS brought me to the way to come up how to promote and protect human rights in my Country. Let's spread the spirit, and don't stop this noble assembly; because peace, love and rights‘re something that God promised for us.

Cheta Nilawaty Prasetyaningrum- Reporter, Tempo Intimedia (Tempo Magazine), Indonesia

Our journey with GAHRFS 2010 went on during 18 days. And I can say it was satisfaction and excellent program. We learned about the history of Democracy movement and its present developments of South Korea; has had terrible history and prominent victory. And we also shared human right conditions from other participants from different countries.
The Gwangju Human Right forum is a very encouraged program to the value of human rights development in the developing and underdeveloped countries. The people I met were pleasant and polite. The hospitality was admirable. I am proud to be a part of GAHRFS 2010 and I will gladly accept any chance to join any program that is offered by South Korea and work for the rights of human with dignity and integrity.

Parvin Akhter: Assistant Program Coordinator-Bangladesh Journalist Rights Forum (BJRF), Bangladesh.

The Asian Human Rights Folks School organized by the May 18 Foundation, has given me a totally different perception of South Korea. Little did I know that South Korea has had its own painful and bloody history towards the respect of human rights and the achievement of the Democracy.
The field trip, the DMZ symbol is a realistic image of how the world is today – that despite the bloody, long and protracted struggles of the peoples of the world to attain peace and democracy. We still live in a world that is blazing with wars, deaths, tortures, bombs, guns, nuclear weapons, political and social unrest. The world remains to be a conundrum in the realization of universal peace.

The numerous lectures on the history of human rights and democratization of South Korea were so comprehensive and magnanimous. The visit to the memorial cemetery for the May 18 heroes and martyrs were a culminating event. It was a very emotional and moving experience for all the participants. We all felt the eeriness of the place and felt one with the struggles of the thousands whose lives were unduly sacrificed in the name of peace, human rights and democracy. All of the participants later on admitted that they were all in tears as we walked around the cemetery. I am sure that even after we left and went back to our countries, there are still tears in our eyes every time we remember the visit to the cemetery.

The Folks School is a noble activity where one learns about the democratization movement of South Korea, a knowledge which I admitted, is not taught in the schools or portrayed in the different media of the countries where we come from. It was also a good venue to learn about the human rights situations in the countries represented by the participants.

Mary Ann Bayang- Cordillera Indigenous People Legal Center (DINTEG), Philippines

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