Sunday, May 16, 2010

Testimony of 2009 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School participants

Aye Le Tun, Burma/ Junior Staff/ Early Recovery Project, UNDP. She 'as got a lot of valuable learning & experiences from May 18 programme. By reviewing the democracy movement in South Korea, she is getting to be aware of what and how she has to do to protect human right violation in Myanmar. When she got back her country, she ‘as shared her learning’s experiences to her colleagues and Myanmar Freedom Journalists as well.

Gil da Costa /Timor Leste/ Middle Manager/Transition Justice Program
Participating for Human Rights Folks School in Gwangju was a great opportunity for him to share experiences with other human rights activists especially on East Timorese case to other world. Human rights maybe easier to discuss but the implementation is a different story which can lead you prison or death. As human right activist he has approved himself that to defend the rights of voiceless people is not easy task but you have to sacrifice yourself for this goal.

Folk school was great and he gained a lot of experiences from different countries who have similar situation and it ‘as good that we‘re same fight for common purpose and we are going to put our hands together for every each of human beings who need our voices. He is really sure that we won't sleep well when people still under pressure, intimidation by the leaders who are trying to bury the voice of human rights activists. Let’s say "freedom is coming tomorrow" it means we have to fight right now and get our freedom tomorrow otherwise freedom will never come liberate our voiceless people.

Yuda Dimas Pratama (Indonesia/ Junior Staff, the Institute for Defense, Security and Peace Studies (IDSPS).
Attending Gwangju Human Rights Folk School would never be boring and futile, because he could learn many things inside and outside class. He met many friends from many countries with different personality, cultural background and experiences. Gwangju Human Rights Folk School is great mission and excellent education method in where people aspire to devote their whole living to deal on human rights or calls human rights defender. Many thanks to the May 18 Memorial Foundation which usually appreciates the program to the people behave of the spirit of Gwangju uprising, greeting Solidarity.

Phy, Sonaren, Cambodia / Junior staff / Tuul Sleng Genocide Museum.

The May-18 is very familiar to me and I was not only a Folk school student but also a participant in 29th Gwangju Peace Forum. Yes, it is great ceremony and an important event to instill the history of inhumanity regime on our heart, the young generation will never forget. This is compulsory to everybody to promote the Democracy and Human Rights throughout the world! I do believe that this scenery of event can give space for peace to happen.