Friday, August 29, 2008

2008 GAHRFS Closing Exercise

Closing Remarks of Chairman Kwang Jang Yoon (518 Chairman):

Please give big hands to all participants who have successfully completed the 2008 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School. Thank you very much.

We regret that we could not have more time to share our experiences and knowledge. Also, despite of hot weather we hope that you can bring with you the beautiful memories and knowledge which you learned from the folk school program.

We had a very valuable time to share the information about the Democratic Movements here in Korea including the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising, Civil Society activities in Asia for last 2 weeks. We now know and understand similarities and recognize our differences. Moreover, we have proposed and discussed various contents and methods for democracy and the development of Human Rights.

We, at the May 18 Memorial Foundation, will try to contribute more and more for the frequent exchange and further cooperation. To do so, we expect all of you will play a significant role on this initiative.

Finally, we hope that your trip to Yul-po beach tomorrow will be another wonderful experience.

I congratulate you all graduates of the 2008 Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School.

Also, we would like to express our appreciation to all the lecturers and staff who work hard for the successful conduct of the folk school.

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