Friday, May 02, 2008

Vote 'No' Global Protest Week

From: Khin Ohmar
Date: 2008/5/1
Subject: BP Update: Burmese call for "Vote 'No' Global Protest Week"

Dear Fellow Burmese and Solidarity Friends of Burma,

Warm greetings from the Burma Partnership's Secretariat! We are writing to all of you to ask you to support the following action call from the Seven Alliances of the Burmese democracy movement in exile – a united front of umbrella organizations representing the majority of Burma's ethnic and democracy groups in exile. The Seven Alliances have written an analysis paper about the draft constitution and upcoming referendum. You will find this paper attached in both Burmese and English. We have also attached the press release to accompany the analysis and information about the Seven Alliance membership..

The Seven Alliances are calling on friends and solidarity networks around the world to show their support to the people of Burma by participating in "Vote 'No' Global Protest Week", taking place from 3rd to 9th May right before the referendum in Burma. This week of protests around the world will be a huge moral support to the people of Burma, who have been unwavering in their defiance of the repressive military regime, and who will vote against its draft constitution on May 10.

We at the Burma Partnership Secretariat urge you and your networks and partners to support this action by holding protests in front of Burmese Embassies in your respective countries, any day of the week from 3 and 9 May. We hope this one-week of protest actions prior to the referendum will build momentum that can be maintained once the referendum results are released. Burma Partnership is currently strategizing with groups inside and outside of Burma as to how we can respond to different post referendum scenarios. We welcome any input from you about how we should develop campaign actions we can all participate in during the aftermath of the referendum.

We at the Burma Partnership Secretariat will be happy to provide you with any assistance we can so that you and your networks can participate in the "Vote 'No' Global Protest Week". We are sending you the necessary information to kick off the campaign and hope that all our networks and solidarity groups will take up our suggested action, as well as your own actions and activities. We would be grateful if you could tell us about your planned actions, so that we can share this information amongst all the networks and solidarity groups.

Please also inform the media – both local and especially Burmese media – of your planned actions, so that people in Burma will have a chance of finding out that you are standing in solidarity with them.

Thank you very much. We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

The Burma Partnership Secretariat

Sahana Basavapatna
Coordinator - Burmese Refugee Desk
The Other Media
No 31, Nalanda Apartments
D Block, Vikaspuri
New Delhi

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