Friday, May 02, 2008

Report on the Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School 2007

Tumenbayar Ch.
International Intern 2007 of the May 18 Memorial Foundation

I was as program assistant and participant for the Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School from 2nd-16th of September 2007. It was organized by the May 18 Memorial Foundation’s International Cooperation Team headed by Mr. Chanho Kim.

There were 24 participants, selected from the 13 different Asian countries working as human rights activists, journalists and volunteers. The group was divided into three levels such as senior members, middle manager and junior staff.

From this folk school I gained the following:

I learned about democratic struggles, labor and women’s movement for democracy in South Korea, their establishment, development and achievement.

The May 18 democratic uprising had influenced a lot to the victory for democracy. Activities such as presentations, group discussion among participants, documentary movies were done. Introductions and distributions of materials brought by participants from their own countries, gave me particular information regarding their current human rights situation, democratization, faced difficulties on the struggle for democracy in Asian countries and actions of human rights activists were highlighted.

The folk school was valuable to me and the rest of the participants to meet, learn and exchange experiences. Likewise it improved and developed further international solidarity for human rights, democracy and peace in Asian region.

It was good experience for me to learn and realize current situation of human rights and democracy in South Korea when we visited to National Human Rights Commission and Korea Democracy Foundation, in Seoul and the visit to Busan Democratic Movement Park in Busan with the senior participants in 16th-18th September.

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