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The May 18 Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization that established by the surviving victims of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising, the victims families, and the citizens of Gwangju.

The foundation have the following aims :
1. to commemorate as well s continue the spirit of struggle and solidarity of the May 18 Uprising;
2. to contribute to the peaceful reunification of Korea;
3. to work towards peace and human rights throughout the world.

Based on these aims, every year the Foundation have variety of events especially on the month of May. This the following events will be organized :

The Gwangju International Peace Forum
the 2008 brochure


The event will be from May 15 - 18, 2008 to be held at the Daedong Hall of the May 18 Memorial Culture Center. This event is one of the international events. There are 150 participants who will join this forum. The Gwangju Internationl Peace Forums aims to strengthen international solidrity between domestic and foreign activist working for democracy, human rights, and peace.

The Gwangju Prize for Human Rights


The event will take place on May 18, 2008 at the Daedong Hall of The May 18 memorial Culture Center. This prize was established to celebrate the spirit of the May 18 Gwangju Uprising by recognizing individuals, groups, and institutions in Korea and abroad that have contributed in promoting and advancing human rights, democracy, and peace in their work. This year, the winner is Mr. Muneer Malik from Pakistan.

The Nanjang-Human-Free Concert

the 2008 poster

The event will take place on May 23 - 25, 2008 in two venues the May 18 Memorial Culture Center and the May 18 Memorial Park. This event is free for both Korean citizens and and foreigners a like. Visitors and participants will get a chance to enjoy variety of cultural performances.


The event will take place on May 24, 2008 at Geunamno Sa-ga Street. This event is also available for both Korean citizens and foreigners who live here in Korea. This event is catered for the youth and students. The event aims to show and share the spirit and struggle of the May 18 Uprising. This event is for the fun and entertainmant of the youth.

Please come and enjoy, and join us for The Nanjang-Human-Free Concert and Red Festa, it will be fun and full of entertainment.

We will wait for you to invade us.

Thank you.
For more information about the 2008 Gwangju International Peace Forum please klik here:

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