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[BurmaSolidarity] Global Day of Action for Burma's Cyclone Victims - Saturday 17 May 2008

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subject: [BurmaSolidarity] Global Day of Action for Burma's Cyclone Victims - Saturday 17 May 2008
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Dear Friends

On Saturday May 17th 2008 people across the world will join a Global Day of Action calling for an urgent response to the humanitarian disaster in Burma. We urge you to join this day of action and ask world governments to take action now and save thousands of lives.

We are calling on the US, UK, France and other key nations to use whatever assets and means they have to deliver aid to those suffering in Burma, even without the approval of the military regime. Many European leaders have already stood up and called for action to force aid in if necessary. This effort is being pushed by a coalition of organizations around the world, and supported by many groups inside Burma. We cannot stand by as millions more
are on the brink of death from starvation and disease. The UN has warned of a "second catastrophe unless the junta immediately allows massive air and land aid deliveries". Our sources inside Burma tell us that the survivors in the Irrawaddy delta are now having to cope with a "tsunami of disease".

We will hold 3 protests in London on Saturday 17 May, details are below:

French Embassy: Time: 12:30 - 13:00
Address: 58 Knightsbridge London SW1X 7JT

American Embassy: Time: 13:30 - 14:00
Address: 24 Grosvenor Square, London, W1A 2LQ

Foreign Office: 14:40 – 15:10
Address: King Charles Street London SW1A 2AH

All details are on this map

Please check our website before the day to check for any updates: .uk/demonstrations.html>

Protests are being planned from Australia to Chile! For details of protests in other countries click here .

If you don't see your city/country please organise a protest where you live and send details to this address:

The Current Situation in Burma

The UN reports the death toll to be around 100,000 with 220,000 missing. 1.5 million are at severe risk if aid does not get in immediately. Instead of allowing aid in and providing the best response to the crisis, the regime is still blocking international aid efforts and even preventing local NGOs access to the worst affected areas. The U.N. said the World Food Program was getting in only 20 percent of the food needed because of logistical problems and regime restrictions. General Thein Sein, the junta's Prime Minister, said on Monday that no foreigners were allowed to go to the delta region, the worst-hit areas. International aid agencies operating in Burma warn that only 10% of the aid needed to cope with the millions struggling to survive had arrived in the country. The military is now even forcing people into camps, similar to prisons. No one is allowed to leave, not even to search for missing family members. They must wear their ID number at all times.

Thank you for your support.

Anna Roberts
The Burma Campaign UK

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