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Questions still awaiting answers from families of the ‘disappeared’ in the southern border provinces - from Issra News

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Questions still awaiting answers from families of the ‘disappeared’ in the southern border provinces

Monday 19 June 2006 15.27hours
Nunthawoot Muangsuk
Duwedania Mueringing
Issara News Centre, Association for Print Media Journalists Thailand

How the problem of disappearances in the three southern border provinces has been approached over the last few weeks since the submission of an open letter to the Independent Commission to facilitate justice and promote rights and freedoms in the three southern border provinces (ICJR)

The Working Group for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, the Cross Cultural Foundation, the Youth Network for Peace in the Southern Border Provinces, the Muslim Youth Association, and Mrs Angkana Neelapaijit, the victim of a disappearance case (lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit) held an event for the relatives of disappearance victims to meet and consult with lawyers from the Legal Aid office of the Lawyers Council of Thailand and the Rule of Law Centre, at the office of the Muslim Youth Association in Yala province.

18 out of the total 23 effected families of disappeared people attended the event on the 17 of June which brought families of disappeared people together to consult lawyers in order to get legal assistance and have their cases followed up. The families, who came from across sectors of the community and areas of the three provinces, were able to speak and exchange experiences of their suffering with others who had suffered the same fate.

Some shed tears as they heard of the heavy sufferings of other families who had been in much worse situations after the head of their families disappeared without a trace.

The Committee for Reparations for Families of the Disappeared in Three Southern Border Provinces also attended to give assistance, surveying families of victims who had not yet received any assistance in order to provide assistance such as education scholarships for the children of the disappeared.

After that the families were split into groups to talk to and give information to lawyers who will go on to use the information to follow up the progress of cases.

The group of lawyers from the Rule of Law Centre who heard from the families of the disappeared was made up of Rasada Manarasada, Deputy Chair of the Rule of Law Centre and HR Committee of the LCT, Mrs Busaba Chimplitanun, Mr Ajeh Bueraheng and Mr Kitja Alihisoh from the Muslim Lawyers Club.

“We We will give advice on legal matters, on how to deal with the property of the disappeared person. The assistance can be summarized in two points, being:
1.the failure of state officials and
2.suffering or reparations they should receive.
Whether it is the relatives or the families of the disappeared, this is the kind of thing which causes great psychological damage and they should receive assistance urgently.” Siad the Deputy president of the Rule of Law Centre.

Kitja Aliisahoh from the Muslim Lawyers Club explained that “there are two kinds of disappearances, during war and during normal circumstances. In the three souther border provinces we have to say the disappearances were during normal circumstances, not during war time, but according to the law, the person has to be missing from their residence for five years before a court will declare them disappeared. There is also the law of inheritance, in article 48 of the Civil and Commercial Code is states that after a person has been missing for one year you can petition the court ot issue an order for inheritance to be processed, which is something locals don’t understand. They need advice on this so they can organsie their inheritance.”

The lawyer for the Muslim Lawyers Club said “another issue is the investigation of disappearances, so today we are asking for information in to follow up on the progress with those involved”

Mr. Nimkadah Wabar, Pattani Senator, and Mr Duan Abdulah DaOamariyo Senator for Yala sent their wives to hear the problems and information from the locals, and Dr. Wher Mahadi Wati, Senator Narathiwat had other engagements and couldn’t attend.

After parliament is opened we will bring this issue to the Justice Committee because this is an importance issue which should not be overlooked, the state must be answerable to the people for everything, the state has a duty of care and must give answers no matter how much time has past. The people can ask for the rights they have just received fromt eh state.” Said Mr Nimakadar Wabar.

The Pattani Senator gave the families of the disappeared an important promise and also went on the say
“The issue of justice is one which politicians do not appear to give much importance to, it is actually not just the issue of disappearances in the three provinces, but there are many cases of people who have nto received justice all over the country. There are still many social [issues,problems?], so we must take this on as a special responsibility.
As for the cases of disappearances in the three southern border provinces, I will raise it all over the country, all Thai people must know about it and everyone must attach importance to the suffering of the families who have lost people.

Pol. Col [check rank] Jumron Denudom, former policeman who was stationed in the three southern border provinces for a long time, and now retired still works giving advice to people who have suffered due to the work of state officials, gave knowledge to the locals on disappearances cases.
“ if a person in your family is arrested [they] have to be sent to a court and the family informed. If officials do not do act according to these steps, they are at fault according to Criminal Procedure Code. If there is a serious offence, the police must inform us of the reason they are making the arrest, the charges against [the person] and where they are arrested [held?]. The family must be fully informed so they can prepare to apply for bail of the accused or they can get in touch with a lawyer. In some cases the person disappears for a week before the officials tell the family. The locals don’t know the law, don’t know they can complain against a state official, so they get away with it.”

Mrs Angkana Neelapaijit, who has suffered the loss of a family member being disappeared, lawyer Somchai Neelapaijit, the president of the Muslim Lawyers Club, the case accredited with getting thai society to be interested in and focus on the issue of disappearances. Apart from the pain of losing her husband, she also has experiences she would rather not remember of the work of state officials in following up the case or giving assistance to her family after they were in trouble, having lost the head of the family. All the assistance cannot compensate for her loss.


Anonymous said...

I understand that we should always try to be civil and not emotional in our comments about social issues in order to be constructive.

However, in reading such an announcement by the vice-chancellor (VC) of UPM and his related comments regarding the findings on the infamous incident, I believe it is not easy for any responsible citizen to remain civilly silent.

How should one describe such comments and findings? I personally think that at the least, they are grossly unconscionable and irresponsible.

By his announcement and related comments, does the VC realise that he has practically put UPM into deeper disrepute and even shame? In the process, the VC has also directly sent a chilling message to the world that UPM is the preferred choice for lawless and shameless hooligans.

From now on, I cannot imagine that anyone with any sense of dignity and self-respect would like to be associated with UPM in any way. And try to think about the marketability of its graduates in the future.

Worse, the VC reportedly mentioned that a report on the incident has been sent to the minister of higher education and the minister reportedly said that he leaves the matter to the VC!

Where is the accountability?

Outrageous and utterly shameful! I can't help but weep for those who are currently still trapped in UPM. If the majority of us who are fair-minded and rationale still remain silent over such blatant injustice, surely our conscience will return and haunt us.

Anonymous said...

You see my friends - in the pursuit of the malay agenda (might I add - blind, overzealous and racist pursuit), they are now paying the most costly price of all - a terribly poor command of the English language!

All the bluffing and lies on the bullshit meritocracy has failed them - actually a slap in their face! Serves them right!

No else has lost out like the so called son of the soil - wonder no more as to why there are about 60K graduates (cannot use ones) are jobless! You reap what you sow!

Dr Mahathir - It is a joke that through your old age recognized the education system in Malaysia does not work. It was you that one of the formulators of the system.

Your education system threw out hardworking, honesty and all the merits of a good education system.

You instead taught malays to be:

Dishonest (steal from the people)
Lazy - your NEP
Steal from the Chinese
Threat the Indians bad even though you were half breed yourself
and worst of all taught everyone in Malaysia to be
Crooked like you.

So now you are feeling the heat because your education boys are not able to survive in this competitive world.

Your fight with the Badawi and his Oxford scumbags thieves, will take this nation to ruins. 22 years of education ruin by this old Dr Mahathir and his cronies.

Why Dr Mahathir said it now? What did he do in the last 22 years? Maybe he should be a prime minister now at the age of 80 as he is wiser now. Should not be a prime minister 22 years ago or maybe after 22 years he was in office (as an apprentice), then he is really ready to work in a real world……….

Malaysia new dilemma - Some 60000 unemployed graduates mostly malays, have to be retrained; capable non-malays lost to Singapore.

In Singapore there are lots of ex-Malaysians or Malaysians. I just visited one of my primary schoolmates (first met 40 years ago).

He rounded up some chaps, and when they told me one by one that they have converted their passports (even those diehard, hardcore Malaysians who vow not to surrender their Malaysian passports), I felt a huge sense of loss, indescribable.

I have to accept the fact that this is the real world. Some of them are directors, CEOs of multinational, pilots, principals of schools, professors etc.

The only one who came back to Malaysia married a Malaysian wife. Like other diaspora, they scatter and put down roots where there is nourishment and they grow there. Best wishes to our fellow Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

All these issues that have plagued our Malaysia institutions of higher learning are purely a result of political interference and nothing else.

Look at universities around the region or even private institutions in the country where both students and staff are very focused on the sharing and learning process. Interaction comes naturally both inside and outside campus not only amongst students but staff as well.

As I posted, it would be interesting if the government can pick just one university in the country, staff it with the best professors and lecturers in the region and accept students who are not only academically excellent but good in other areas like sports, leadership skills, creativeness, etc. And strictly no political interferences and appointments.

I have no doubt that in no time such a university will make a name for the country. The question is - would the government have such foresight and courage to initiate such a project? I don't think so.

No surprise we have a stupid ass as a minister of higher education. Read what Dr Mahathir has to say about Syed Hamid: "I have picked a foreign minister who does not know how to read letters." We have another donkey as foreign minister! No wonder our cabinet is like a zoo!

Hahaha so in other words, it is Mahathir's fault, he admitted it he is the one who picked useless ministers, bravo Mahathir for slapping your own face.

What is so surprising that the minister of higher education didn't know what he was saying? That is the quality of our ministers. Our ministers can talk rubbish, yet the people will lick it all up!

All our ministers only know one thing. To suck the nation dry through various dubious projects and follow the winds and carry the balls.

Monkeys see monkeys do……….

This bunch of crooks last time need Mahathir to write, read and listen for them. Now without Mahathir master of all tongkat, they have no one to rely. Upfront Pak Lah already told them to write, read and listen by themselves, if not he will punish them.

This ethnic relations course is nothing more than crap. How can it be meaningful and credible when you have race-based parties like Umno, MIC and MCA operating in our midst.

This is similar to the National Service programme. So now all the youths are required to attend NS for the sake of national harmony. After the NS, all will return to their race-based pigeonholes waiting to exploit by race-based political parties.

And with that goes our RM500 million investment in the project. Dismantle these parties and maybe, maybe we will still have hope yet of a truly united nation without the hang-ups of race and religion.

In the 1950s and 1960s, I would say we were more integrated. The 1970s, we were just accepting one another and now the 1990s and 2000s, we are tolerating one another. We are digressing not progressing!

Using a metaphor, this nation is like a water or hose pipe. No matter how hard they try to plug the leak in terms of damage control, another one will appear and this will keep on happening until the whole pipe is plastered with band aids. Why don't we change the whole damn pipe and be done with.

The BN ministers (all of them in fact) are just jack of all trades but masters of none. That sums it all up huh.

They are (one) masters in financial controllers for individual wealth. They never fail in accumulating personal wealth in past few decades.

Hahaha! Malaysians. I will hang on to my socks in Australia and happily pay my tax here for the time being. I will return the day Malaysians wake up and start shaking up the country by voting out BN from the feed.

Anonymous said...

I used to follow the "Today In Parliament" program over the Singapore TV network. The high level of professionalism and intellect in all the ministers are apparent in their line of questioning and quality of their answers.

I have never seen any unbecoming or rude behaviour, including the opposition. It seems like in the Malaysia parliament, it is more like a zoo. It is not even worth it to televise the proceedings as the BN ministers set a very bad example for the public.

They come unprepared, the quality of discussions is mediocre, they are disrespectful, and worse of all "cakap tak serupa bikin".

To all BN ministers, swallow your pride and learn from the opposition members or even the parliamentarians in Singapore how to conduct yourselves. You have been elected by the people to represent them with dignity, and to deliver results for the country betterment. So, wake up as the next election might not be so lucky for you!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is not a place to invest your money.

The policies are so loop-sided that you cannot chose the best people to work for you but to employ those malay graduates who are way below "standard".

In the first place, these malays are not of intellect quality but the foreign and local companies are forced to employ them.

So, if a foreign company has a choice, they will not invest in a country like that where competition is solely based on skin color, and "know who" not "know how".

Malaysia now lags behind both China's and India's science and technology sectors, and regional rivals Singapore and Thailand now attract more foreign direct investments.

Why is it so that we lag behind all those countries? Just study who are the planners in the countries education system.

Here we have third class educationists in the form of Umno-malays, most of them are third graders in their school days, planning the education policies. They are actually failures academically and now trying to teach others about education.

Then look around the schools and universities. Just a cursory glance will tell you that the teaching staffs are not of first class materials. Many are byproducts of unemployed graduates who managed to get teaching as their only choice of vocation.

Similarly the universities teaching staffs are third rated too. When you have such lousy teachers, would you expect first class materials?

Whatever Malaysia is advocating, Malaysia is heading to doom! Agriculture, commerce, education, health, politics, social interaction, everything that Malaysia embarks is doomed.

The information and communication technology that Malaysia implementing is as good as doomed since day one when the corrupted and racist Mahathir laid hand on it.

Anything that is the genesis of this corrupted and racist Mahathir is doomed, be it Agusta, Daya Bumi, education - English to malay malay to English, EPF, Felcra, Felda, Formula 1, general election, MAS, math and science in English, military defense, MSC, National Service, NEP, North South Highway, Perwaja, polis task force, Proton, Wawasan Schools……….the list is endless. Nothing works in Malaysia.

Now the religious Badawi is implementing 9MP using Islam with the doctrine advocated by the corrupted and racist Mahathir.

This is more severe than the doctrine by Mahathir since Badawi adds another critical and negative dimension into the corrupted and racist doctrine, that is, the aberrant Islam!

This further decreases the efficiency in the utilization of good human engineering practices in a highly competitive global world!

The only way Malaysia can succeed is to embrace good human engineering practices compassionately, since only good human engineering practices can attain excellent, efficient and effective production in order to compete with other formidable ICT nations.

This means the practices of meritocracy, no NEP and racial discrimination!

With a corrupted and racist government practice corrupt and racial discriminatory engineering practices, the effective job activities and efficiency in productions are definitely to be lagging.

This means high production costs, inefficient manufacturing processes, poor research and development designs, with expensive and inferior products! Example - Proton!

The government might as well close down Cyberjaya, encourage goat rearing and save costs. At least the loss in capital is not as severe as in ICT ventures and by the year 2020, every people is guaranteed with a roast lamb!

The biggest joke is, the people themselves are to be blamed for supporting the current and always has been and probably forever will be, the BN.

That is keep it up and make them more and more arrogant.

We want to be hubs of everything and master of none. That is why we know for sure Vision 2020 will not be achieved. It is easy to set a vision and really another to achieve it.

Principally as a small nation with limited human resources, not making optimum use of its human resource by sidelining a major more advanced sector of its population through the NEP, will create many many more "Tak Boleh".

With people only interested in sitting beside a money machine, where Malaysia will end with, is already a certainty.

Any cure? No, no way. The entire makeup of the Malaysia society from corruption, greed, politics and third world mentality etc, will doom any effort to rectify it. We can't even talk simple things like "understanding each other" let alone major issues like corruption, etc.

Even God has got no solution for Malaysia the way it is going.

If the mindsets of the malays here actually reflect the general people then I am afraid there is no hope. Simply hopeless. Nothing much is going to change to the good.

In fact it will be towards the extreme. What can you expect? We are simply good in blaming others for our problems. In fact we are world class in doing that. With a mindset like that, by year 2020 we should be toward Zimbabwe or probably worst.

Thank you 'Tun Mamak' for all this. Because of your need to be more melayu and to remain prime minister, your 22 years of ruling had made the people to have such attitude and mentality.

Sorry folks, I am one of those who don't believe Vision 2020 can be achieved, and not be a long shot.

Umno first consideration is not achieving Vision 2020 as what they are trying to tell us, but their paramount and top priority is to ensure that their ketuanan and NEP policies are intact in whatever goals they conceive.

This is where the stumbling block lies. Never mind if third grade graduates become lecturers or professors, so long their ketuanan and special rights policies are adhered to.

Even in business or industries enterprise, the business people have to satisfy Umno demands that these corporations/industries satisfy the NEP and special rights rules first.

So, is it that difficult to understand Vision 2020 has never been a top priority, but the ketuanan policies are, and these override all else, even if it means that Vision 2020 is not achieved.

'First class mentality' for Malaysians? When most of them are spoon-fed by the government and they behave like the baboons in the UPM cafeteria? Not in my lifetime! And I am still relatively young!

First class mentality starts in school. What chance does the young have when they are exposed to under qualified teachers? And a failed education system?

Whilst in Japan, I witness a scene where a homeless man, in filthy clothes and hair, rummaged through a few rubbish bins, spilling their contents onto the ground. When he finally found what he wanted, he actually put the rubbish back into the bins! I was shocked!

Back here in Malaysia, the educated and privileged don't even bother to look for bins to throw their rubbish in! What kind of mentality is this, compared to the homeless man? It is a sad, sad world we live in, man……….

The NEP will be a huge stumbling block towards Vision 2020. When leaders of business and industry are not chosen on the basis of meritocracy but purely on the basis of being a malay, how la?

And it is only getting worse and worse as it has become a 'right'. Can't see it changing anytime in the next 13 years.

Malaysia leaders always lamented that 'we have first class infrastructure but third class mentality'.

What they should actually say is that 'we have first class infrastructure but third class leaders' - that is more like it.

They can't even ensure that computer lab for schools do not collapse after few months completed. Need more examples? What are they able to do then? Don't try to get the answer from this third class people.

All I can say is thank God or Tunku Abdul Rahman for giving away Singapore to Chinese rule! He was right otherwise Singapore will be in deep shit like us now!

As much as we don't like Singapore that much - we must agree that the Chinese did a damn good job in running their tiny island!

The mega dictator started many mega projects and most of these projects became mega failures. We are left with mega problems to solve.

Man, may I ask - is dividing Malaysians into bumi and non-bumi not racist in itself? So it likes the pot calling the kettle black! Well whether you like it or not, we are living in a racist society now! Especially in Malaysia!

And, in case you are still in the dark - in Malaysia we practise racial politics! MCA for the Chinese, MIC for the Indians and Umno for the malays! So what is wrong if we are racist in our opinions? Isn't everyone racist to same extend? Some more and some less!

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from our local universities? Ivy league breeds? Come on!

Who the hell are we kidding? We are a plain joke to the world……….look at the current issue regarding monkeys harassing others in UPM or whatever university its named after - this monkeys are worthless dogs.

And guess what was their punishment? Let off with an advice hahahahaha. We are really in a sad state - damn sad state.

The reason why Malaysians are leaving for overseas education is plain and simple. Our system is fraud with the biasness, fraud from the get go.

All in the name of bullshit policies……….come on - if you want the best of the best breed - don't look at the person heritage etc - look at their work.

Now who is running the country better? The Malaysians or the Singaporeans? This Singaporeans have beaten us in terms of cleanliness, economically, efficiency, financially, hospitality, productivity, religiously……….

Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

The reasons are economic and education. If we find the local environments do not suit us and we find there are or have found greener pastures overseas, why should we not go?

This is the age of global economics. Are we Chinese continue to work the old traditional ways to start small business like car repair shops etc, while the game today to global?

Every human being, be it malay or non-malay should have an equal right to reach to the level of his/her ability. Do you see this possible for Chinese without double or triple efforts?

Yes, Malaysia is losing so many talents as a result of NEP and not knowing how much damage had been done. In my own family circles, I have not less than 5 nephews and niece who are top scorers and opt to be overseas working and doing very well.

The gist is that there is no such thing as having the best of everything. When one implement policies that favours one race to the detriment of another, there is always a price to pay.

The price is already showing from top university status to junk university status. Everything from airline to our currencies are heading south.

Any solution? No definitely not.

An entire community cannot be changed overnight and from recent events it will head further south. Meanwhile just watch what will happen after peak "oil".

Remember a lot of Malaysia exports and industries are foreign owned who may pack up anytime to China or India.

Palm oil? Indonesia is overtaking us. What have we left?

Human resources……….what human resources do you have when you churn out degree mills by the thousands of low standards not recognised by the world?

Most people are heading to Australia because many can foresee that in the next 10 years, it will be virtually impossible for a middle income earner to send their children to local university, taking into consideration cost and the infamous "quota".

If you are in Australia, a bus driver can afford to send their children to university like Melbourne/Monash/RMIT without digging deep into their pockets. All because their taxes are well managed channeled towards the right direction.

We are all proud but the Umno government they are not proud to have us (non-malays) around as our attitudes and work ethics put most of the malays in shame.

My attitude toward the country changed since 13 May 1969. We all knew it was Harun and Razak who plotted the racial riots and got away with murdering thousands of Chinese.

All my children and grandchildren are in Australia. Some have Bachelors with honours, Masters, PhDs, and etc.

They are no such blatant discrimination like we are having in Malaysia.

My daughter is a professor, son is a financial planner, son in law is a businessman, grandchildren all doing very well.

If they are still in Malaysia, I am sure they just cannot compete with even fourth grade university graduates of Ketuanan Melayu.

So, they are too tired to fight with all the obstacles that the Umno government placed in their path. If you are brilliant, you do not need the "shit".

If you intend to emigrate, let me know, I can introduce you a couple of brilliant migration agents from Australia.

Anonymous said...

At least Khairy has something in common - selective memory. As far as I remember, when Umno deregistered, MCA was there to help.

Even for Mahathir, he acknowledged and was grateful with MCA on the spirit of BN, which is harmony and tolerance. As for Khairy, what have you done for Umno besides burning flags and opening stinking mouth?

I pity this Khairy. But I pity the Umno Youth leadership more. Khairy and the Umno Youth leadership are really a pitiful and sad lot and they do need our sympathy and understanding.

Of course we all know that they are totally useless human beings who have been thrust onto the leadership role to drag and pull a whole lot more of totally useless and good for nothing human beings.

Bereft of any ideas of how they can improve their lot, they see their common cause only when they can see enemies or perceived enemies. In last years Umno Youth assembly we had their leader Hisham wielding his keris. They all cheered seemingly knowing and understanding who their common enemy was.

Don't Umno Youth leaders have any agenda that can stand on its own without it having to depend on the existence of bogeymen and demons supplied by perceived enemies? Or is this testimony that the malays would rather sit on their backsides and not move until and unless they see an enemy trespassing their territory?

Weak Umno bad for Umno-malays. Less chance to become super-rich in super-short time.

Umno-malays will instill more third class mentality such as Ketuanan Melayu among malays. Fooled malays will make Umno-malays super-rich. What is left for the fooled malays is - third class mentality.

All these suckers want is to get rich until the end of the world and they will do anything to get what they want. They don't care about anything anymore. It is sad to see the human race reduced to such garbage and best of all, it is been honed to a fine art in Malaysia. No wonder some people just emigrate away.

Ever wonder why, Umno leaders chanting Ketuanan Melayu, non-malays are threatening their rights! MCA, MIC and the rest chanting to their community, we will fight for our rights. If they are all fighting each other, why is there a BN?

In actual fact, all of them at the top are good friends. At the bottom, they are stroking up distrust and fear among the communities - at the top, grand discussions and plans are going on how to enrich each other and what is each other's share.

When the common fools found something fishy, they will just stroke the racial storm and everyone will forget the fishy smell. In the end, semuanya ok. Business as usual.

Weak Umno bad for BN? As I always said, life is getting miserable by the days for the kampung people. Everywhere the average people are quietly suffering. What good is it to them a strong BN?

We don't need a strong BN. We need a caring government, no matter who they are.

Anonymous said...

Rafidah latest outburst is akin to those statements made by Malaysia ministers: Badrud and Omar. It is like telling the foreign investors: "If you don't like it, please get out."

What a brainless statement given by the minister - if I were the investor I also won't give 30% to the sleeping partners. Regardless you are bumi or not, prove to the investors that you are capable of holding the percentage of shares you want, with you own capability, you can even get more than that.

Put it this way, from business point of view, if you are the foreign investor, what will attract you to invest in Malaysia compares to China? China is more resourceful and unless you want to close the door and just do business with your own people.

I think she is trying to divert corruption topic on herself……….sigh, let her disappear by herself?

But seriously, we need to reinvent ourselves, sharpen our pencils and get some young guns to promote and do a better job of selling (not selling out) the country.

The education system needs a serious re-looking to encourage innovative thinking instead of churning out graduates fit for the assembly line and manufacturing field.

Singapore has a population 10 times smaller than ours yet it reaps in FDI that is 5 times ours! You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out something is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Is absolutely right!

For those who have been victimized under the Malaysian made meritocracy trap, look elsewhere. Opportunities abound.

Most of the talented people in the country leave because of this exact problem, the smart malays have two options, they can use their skills abroad, do something interesting, innovative, exciting, or stay in Malaysia, learn to abuse the system and their family ties, and make shit loads of money.

I left Malaysia long time ago when my mother told me to look for greener pasture elsewhere.

Absolutely no regret. The government and local organizations sponsored all my educational and living expenses here to the maximum I could go.

Frankly speaking, if not for those incompetent, extremist, and brainless leaders and cronies who have destroyed Malaysia for the past 30 years, this land is a heaven on earth.

Anonymous said...

But of course non-malays, especially the non-malays born after 1957 will see things differently.

First of all, they did not choose to come to Malaysia, especially not with its present system of government. It is not their fault that the British, more than one hundred years ago, brought in so many Chinese and Indians, and made the Umno-malays feel insecure.

It is not their fault that many of the immigrants, with the permission of the British, toiled to be successful and that made the Umno-malays felt threatened by it. And since when did success become something you have to be punished for instead of celebrating?

It is not their fault that English is the dominant language of technology, science, diplomacy, commerce, and just about any branch of knowledge and has been entrenched in Malaysia since 1786.

They can't understand why the government is hell bent on destroying the system of government left behind by the British, a system that Singapore kept, enhanced and used to become one of the richest, most well planned, most advanced, competitive, cleanest and admired countries on earth, despite being just a rock the size of island.

They feel puzzled that the Umno-controlled government talks with a forked tongue - asking Malaysians to be united and at the same time - asking the non-malays to accept second class citizenships, and then Tun Razak own son Najib threatened to bathe a keris (dagger) with Chinese blood. To them, this is a contradiction.

Why were Chinese and Indians in the armed forces here Malaysia etc, in significant numbers before the 1970s? And there are a lot of lucrative deals in the army and police, and some are below the table and some like it that way.

"Why is that there are so few Chinese in the armed forces?"

Well, I think you know the answer why. Like so many government institutions, there was a form of ethnic cleansing in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, which saw the determined push of non-malays out in favor of increasing the number of malays both at the rank and at the leadership positions.

That is why you see a dramatic change in the complexion of the government if you compare, say the 60s and 90s. That is why non-malays avoid government institutions, not just the armed forces - it is the same with organizations like Bank Negara, EPF, etc.

Over the years, the Malaysia government institutions have evolved into very hostile environments for the non-malays.

Look at Singapore, the Chinese are in the army etc, so are the Indians and the malays. Yes there was an issue with the malay pilots. But there are significant Indians there in the civil service as an example since the Chinese are majority there.

Anyhow, onto the comments that touch on Singapore experience. Yes, making English the medium of instruction has served Singapore well. Just the other day, I was at a conference held by an MNC and employees came from all over Asia.

One of the most senior people in from the Singapore office was a malay and he was highly articulate, and obviously made it to such a high position based on his capabilities. And he is not the first Singaporean malay I met that held an important position in an MNC.

I always wondered why some Malaysian malays in some other forums say that if Malaysia adopts Singapore system, they will not survive. The Singaporean malays I met are doing just fine. Yes, many Malaysian malays hate Lee Kuan Yew and indeed Lee may have been a racist, but the Singapore system existed before him, he refined it, and people who came after him keep refining it, and it works well.

Anyway, yes it is anecdotal but nonetheless, these Singaporean malays I met are doing well. Whenever I go to Singapore, I see Singaporean malays working productively, and everyone in Singapore is virtually guaranteed a decent house.

They have access to world class education, world class government planning, world class landscaping, world class medical facilities, world class public safety, world class shopping, world class transportation, world class working environment (and due to Singapore high per capita income and strong Singapore dollar, they earn enough to afford good stuff too).

You want to know why so many Malaysians choose to be discriminated in white man's land or go south? It is not because of the NEP.

It is because our right to be Malaysians has been questioned. It is one thing to have to sacrifice for your fellow citizen. It is another thing to sacrifice for a citizen of a country where you don't even belong.

Anonymous said...

I am now 50 years old. My family home was mortgaged and my father took an education loan to fund my studies. An accomplished philatelist, he also had to sell part of his collection towards this.

Upon returning 'home' in 1980, I immediately had a managerial job but still had to lecture some nights to repay all the loans. It took me six years to be debt free only to get married and back in debt to buy my home.

I am not a bumi as defined although I am the third-generation of my family from the time my grandparents came here. I believe I have a tremendous sense of dignity but Mahathir, sadly played no part in giving it to me. Why?

Firstly, I was educated under the old English medium when our teachers were professionals and our schools superbly administered. They were not closed for one community only. My friends from my schooldays are still my friends and we were of all the races. Who changed this?

University Malaya was a beacon for educational excellence. The closest I could ever get was to practise my tennis there and play hockey and football. (I represented the state in hockey and tennis).

Today, I have to find a way to educate my son overseas but for a different reason - I would not want him in UM even if he qualified to get in. Who changed this?

Financially, my son will have to be educated by me solely - forget the mirage of scholarships - from my salaried income. The tax I pay to the government is more than enough to sustain a child overseas.

Tomorrow, I will repeat the process for my equally gifted daughter as well. Yes, I have dignity, but no, Mahathir played no part in imparting it. Who will help me?

At work, I am confronted daily with issues about 'coffee' money from almost every government department I deal with. Sometimes the coffee money is enough to buy a coffee plantation.

The cars I buy at hugely inflated prices (compared to the same cars in many other countries) help feed a parasite called Proton. Maybe some people drive one with dignity?

Our sportsmen who participate in events bankrolled by the government perform pathetically. Is this dignity? The sportsmen who generally fund themselves in sports which previously had little glamour or status achieve championship status. They are the one who have dignity.

And what about our parliamentarians - are they dignified?

We are like frogs in water. Water that is slowly being heated up. Spend some time in the educational establishments, hospitals, immigration departments, local authority departments, sports arenas and maybe even the courts, and you will see how Mahathir has contributed to our 'dignity'.