Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Twin Soul

oh woman of the south
i bow to you as i honor you
for you are the oil lamp
that rekindled my spirit
you are the gift to women
made in heaven
you are my soul
come into flesh
you are the scarf
that wraped me warm in autumn
you are the voice
that shall speak the truth
for all women of colors
you are the artisan
who weaves our life work
so women can rise from the ashes
you are the sister that breaks anonymity
you are the mother
who knows how to nurture the child in us
you are the woman of salsa
with a generous heart
who extends life gracefully
in the dancefloor of diversity
you are the pages in an unwritten book
that has enriched our minds
you are the mind
who reflects the gods in heaven
who shal awaken
the sleeping giants
you are the laughter
that brings sun
to indifferent grounds
and touches even hidden agendas
you are the beauty
a man of the soil
has yet to discover

you are the love
the universe has found
for you bring with you
the rainbow
to paint sky of grey
and heal hearts
as you heal

oh woman of the world
i let you go
with the fire of passion
that can breakdown walls
cross borders
challenge neo-liberals
you are the pen
that shall conquer the war
with guns
and so north and south
can reconcile in peace

you are the flower
in the graveyard of struggles
who shall grow and bloom
in the land of our vision

oh beautiful woman
bring our gifts with you
to your home in the north
as the grandmother's thread
that we hold together

much love,

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