Thursday, November 10, 2005


The second poem is my gift to Professor Park Hong Gyu on his talk on "Orientalism"

by Ros Zerrudo

i died a thousand deaths
for in the blood of my nation
is a poison
that continuously spread
killing the minds of my people
in my skin
i grow thorns of helplessness
as i breathe in
the cold war
of occident ruling over orient
so i wait till
the big monster of orientalism die
for we have nothing left
to feed its injustice

my humanity has returned
to the dark ages
where ideologies
of neo liberalization
is such a big monster meal
enough to give me indigestion

what is a bitter pill
as antidote to this evil
to being a victim
even before i was born
shall i be able to see
a child
born free of
and be born pure race
when all there is left
is dehumanized
what is more proactive
school of thought
that shall make us rise over the ashes
of injustice, lies, inequality and free-trade

i may not sleep
many nights
for the death of my identity
has invaded my soul
oh dear professor Park
help me find the way
to find the right steps
back to my truth
so my life
will not end in vain
so when i die
i will not regret
that i have not lived
so my life work
may not end up
in the grave of the heroes
but can also be a living example
that will not blind people
and worsen the cancer in society
as we start the revolution
inside us.

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