Friday, November 18, 2005

Korean Democratic Movement

Prof. Cho Hee Yeon gave a talk on the Korean Democratic Movement, he is a professor in Sociology, College of Social Sciences & NGO Graduate School at Sung Gong Hoi University. He is a policy advisor at PSPD and Co-Representative at the Korea Progressive Academy Council.

Ms. Dhruvi Gurung of MAITI, Nepal presented her organization’s activity. She discussed women and children trafficking in Nepal. She mentioned that the open border between Nepal and India contributed to the trafficking of both women and children between two countries.

Mr. TM Chandana Tennakoon from Centre of Human Rights in Dambulla, Srilanka, presented his organization’s activity and his duties and responsibilities. He works on human rights cases such as torture, extrajudicial killing and disappearances. According to Mr. Sanjeewa, Mr. Tennakoon had done a good job about a torture case in the police custody in Srilanka. He encouraged participants to share their experiences with Mr. Tennakoon.

Participants show their true colors, wearing their national, traditional and folk dresses.

text and photos by Mus

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