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Blogging Thency's Email - The RED STRINGS

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Warm greetings....hope everyone is doing well and in the best of health.

Earlier today, in one of my yahoo groups I came across an email from someone who felt that the circulation of emails, regarding Burma and requests for others to send e-mails urging the concerned parties to take some action with regards to the situation in Burma as spam. I wonder if anyone else feels like this.....I must say that email and the way it was worded kind of shook me.

I mean if you think it's spam, don't pass it on..... Oh well...I guess everyone has their own reasons for reacting the way that they do....Has anyone here come across reactions like that?

On a different note.....there is something I would like to share......I do wonder sometimes if some of the things we do can actually make a difference......but then....I just feel that you know if an action no matter how small....can give people a sense of solidarity and people want to do it...and no one is being harmed then why not......

So on that note...I came across this group that has initiated this action of wearing red solidarity strings as a show of support and solidarity. I thought I'd just pass it on. No compulsion here.... :) It's okay if you are unable to join this or if it's not your cup of tea...but do pass this on to others who might be interested......Thanks a million.......


ps : sorry for crossposting :P


Why Red Strings?
In the Buddhist tradition, wearing a monk-blessed string around the wrist is for a blessing or for good luck. We would like people to show support for the monks and people of Burma by wearing red string bracelets as an enduring symbol of the struggle for Burmese freedom. We chose red because it is similar to the color of the monks' robes and because it is the color already associated with this movement.

How Can I Participate?

PLAN A: Bring string to your local temple and ask the monks to bless it. Tell them why and offer a donation, if you can. Be sure to bring enough for your friends!

PLAN B: The website r will soon be available where you can order a blessed string, if you cannot access a temple yourself.

Traditionally, the ritual involves one friend tying the string around another's wrist with a blessing or a wish. The blessing lasts as long as the bracelet, so you wear the bracelet until it falls off, You can give away as many as you desire and you can receive all that are offered. Most importantly, keep it red for solidarity and remember to tell people why you are wearing it -spread the word!

What If I Can't Find A Temple?
Find the nearest temple at

Some Simple Guidelines:

**Please, do not wear the string as an anklet as this is disrespectful in Buddhism.**

**For the same reason, please remember to remove your shoes before entering a temple.**

**Everyone: show respect to the monks' "higher" status in Buddhism by remaining lower -if they are sitting, you must not be standing**

**Try to wear bracelet on your right wrist so as not to confuse with kabbalah**

Show Your Support for the Monks!

Thanks everyone who helped with the idea,
cheers! Kim McConnell

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