Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Fun that was Cafe Ageha

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Finally it is done!

This video is an edited version of the fun that Folk School participants had at Cafe Ageha during the trip to Seoul. It was an entertainment extravaganza where everyone gave a number; song, dance, game and even silence...

The hosts were so amazed at the group wondering where the enteratiners came from. It was a reversal of role, the host was entertained by the guests.

(Warning the video is 219MB - it takes time, almost an eternity to download - 20-30 mins? Anyway it is worth it, an evening to remember. Watch it and reminisce!)

Took me several hours to upload as well. For the love of you folks, here it is, apology for the low quality we have to transfer from one format to another and squeeze it into its final version. Enjoy the memory of Cafe Ageha.

Thanks to: editor - Mr. Park ans video by Mus.

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Ria said...

sounds like a blast! the video was pretty awesome.

would you take a look at my blog? i like feedback. thanks!