Monday, March 06, 2006

Civil societies in the eastern part of Afghanistan

From: "Hekmatullah Sial"
Date: Mon Mar 6, 2006 2:14 pm
Subject: Civil societies in the eastern part of Afghanistan


Almost three months from the day I have returned from Korea, after attending the Folk School in Gwangju. It was really the best experience we have got throughout our stay in Korea by getting excellent lectures, sharing of ideas with the wounderfull colleagues from almost all over Asian countries, their feelings, the host team and every singl moment was a lesson. We have learnt what has been done and how much has been given to restore peace, stability, freedom and democracy in South Korea we have got a full picture of the spirit of the Folk School.

Since then I was keeping asking my self what we have done since we have return and what can I really do ?...... In order to answer such question I would like to give you the report in this regards.

In the eastern part of Afghanistan where I am living and working too, we have a group of civil societies active in different form. Taking the experience we have gain in Korea I have called all these civil socities together and agreed to bring a harmony first among these civil societies and set-up priorities where and how these civil groups could be useful to restore peace and implement democracy in the post conflict countries particularly Afghanistan and work hard to bring unity among Asians. These 46 civil societies leadership have agreed to be part of the harmonization committee and the spirit of Gwangju, Folk School. The sacrifies of the south Korean people to bringing peace, justice, equality and democracy to their country were taught to this so called civil societies harmonization committee and now every single person of these group knows south Korea and the Gwangju city and the best people.

Each of these civil sociey has got 200-500 people and the the solidaritygroup e-mail has been passed to them. I will soon send their e-mail address and they will be directly touch with 518folkschoolsolidarity group in order to share and exchange views.

We are having monthly civil harmonization committee meeting and hopefuly one day we will be able to invite colleagues from the Folk School to take part in our summer workshops for peace and justice.

Looking forward to work with you and have great time,

Dr.Hekmatullah Sial

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