Friday, September 30, 2005

Chuka Hamnida! Congratulations!

Welcome to the Blog of the Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School

축하합니다 ! (Chuka Hamnida!) Congratulations!

Anyeong hasimmnika! Anyeong hasseyo! Greetings !

This blog serves as a portal for exchanges among alumni/participants of the Gwangju Aisan Human Rights Folk School. We will announce here updates, news, events, commentaries, reflections, experiences, and just plain messages or greetings. Also, we will definitely see a lot of images or pictures of the folk school.

For our first several posts we will post some helpful guidelines for participants when they attend the folk school this coming November 2005. Sorry the form we used is the old one, so, this is not really the inaugural but the second time within this year that the folk school is being conducted. Weather is one of the main reasons why the activity is being held this November. Many participants from tropical countries find the weather very unpleasant last January (winter season) so we are trying to make up for that. Of course there are lot more areas of improvement and we hope that your participation will contribute and make the conduct of the activity in the future very pleasant for others or the next batch.

As promised this blog will also be a visual blog, a gallery, a photo album, so we are going to post the pictures of the inaugural batch – to entice and excite you – interesting right! So meet the first batch and share, virtually their camaraderie, fun, I wonder if they got bored also, hmmm… Anyway it will be as awesome as you will make it to be so make your batch the AWESOME 2nd Batch --- hurray!

We encourage everyone to introduce themselves to their fellow participants so we get to know each other well. Post on the comments to the blog entry.

Hey who is talking anyway? Yes let me introduce myself, I brought out this idea of a blog to our Director for International Solidarity, Mr, Chan Ho Kim who agreed to the idea of this portal. So this is Pete Rahon from Philippines, an intern here at The May 18 Memorial Foundation. Most of you have received and continue to receive email exchanges from me. We will get to know each other and the rest of my co-interns (Agnes, Mus and Pan) when you get here in Gwangju City, okay. I hope some of you have seen the blogsite of us interns as well.

If you must, a must indeed: learn some or few Korean phrases to help you around esp. at the airport, on the bus, or at bus station when you travel, few Koreans dare enough to talk or converse in English. Most of them will understand English for as long as you talk slowly and most often than not they will reply to you in English: Sorry I don’t speak in English… (didn’t s/he just spoke in English, maybe s/he can’t speak very well in English). There you go. Coming here to Korea? You are fortunate to make it. Korea is a wonderful country, rich in culture and beauty, famed as the Land of the Morning Calm. So make the most when you come here.

So, welcome … welcome…
Kamsahamnida! Thank you!

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